VOTT Shield

VOTT Shield provides a network-wide infrastructure security, software service level security and traffic-monitoring solutions that addresses critical security requirements such as detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks and other network security threats. VOTT Shield vast experience and expertise in protecting streaming networks would not only help service providers achieve the peace of mind from outside security threats, but also help improve its network and service performance.

Network-Layer Controls

By defining and enforcing IP whitelists and blacklists, you can allow or restrict requests from specific geographical regions and certain IP addresses.

Presentation Management

Application Controls

Pre-defined, configurable application-layer firewall rules let you address categories such as protocol violations, request limit violations, streaming policy violations and more.

Adaptive Rate Controls

By monitoring and controlling the rate of requests against applications, you can automatically protect them against application-layer DDoS and other volumetric attacks.

User Profiling

Security Monitor

Get real-time visibility into security events and drill down into attack alerts.