VOTT Live is a high-quality, scalable and smooth playback live streaming service that works across devices, supports easy monetization and integrates analytics. VOTT Live supports both on-demand live events and always-on 24/7 live feeds with live cloud transcoding for a professional streaming experience.

Produce & Transcode

Plug into your video production system of choice — VOTT Live supports industry-standard streaming protocols as source feeds, for maximum compatibility, includes RTMP, HLS, MPEG-TS, WMS, SRT.

Go live in minutes with cloud live streaming infrastructure and create multi-bitrate adaptive streams from a single input source. The stream is always optimized based on bandwidth and device. This ensures ease of use for you, and the best quality experience for your viewer.


Live events, 24/7 always-on feeds, linear streams — all live streams can enable DVR and automatically archive to VOD with EPG.

Broadcast now or schedule a live event with a start and end time.

A single-pane-of-glass dashboard for broadcasting live video to OTT. Deliver viewers the highest quality experience on their device of choice.


Live events can be configured to allow for multiple purchase options, including a free preview period as trial for minutes, hours, days or months, allowing your consumers to subscribe or purchase individual events and packages.

VOTT Live gives you the complete monetization toolkit you need to extend your business and own your revenue. Monetization tools that fit your audience and business goals. There are no middlemen standing between you and your hard-earned revenue.

Choose the monetization model that fits your business and receive 100% of the revenue.

Subscription: Build a recurring revenue business with premium subscription plans tailored to your audience.
Purchase and Rental: Sell or rent individual videos or video bundles.
Advertising: Bring your own ad network. VOTT Live supports VAST, VPAID, and VMAP tags.
Pass Plans: Provide time-limited access for users, beyond traditional subscription or rental plans.

Flexible content access with redemption codes: Create single-use codes for consumers to unlock access to specific videos or groups of content, or to recharge for subscription plan.

VOTT Live integrates with the leading payment gateways to provide you with complete revenue ownership.


Live streams are delivered by the best-in-class CDN with multiple quality settings available up to 1080p/60fps - 4K/60fps.

A global content delivery network for smooth video playback, no matter where viewers are located geographically.

App distribution

Deliver the same live stream, at the same time, to every screen using only VOTT Live — no other service or tool required.

Easily configure apps Easily configure apps by using self-service workflows to generate fully branded app packages which can be submitted to major OTT marketplaces.

Stream to all devices Stream both live and on-demand content that is optimized for multi-device delivery and a great viewer experience.

Customize freely Make advanced customizations by leveraging templates as a foundation and working with an experienced member of our developer partner ecosystem.